Saving Face in The Middle Kingdom

The Seattle Times/LinuxInsider: Microsoft Gains Ground Against
Linux in China

“Stories about Microsoft losing ground to Linux in China are
overblown, says Tim Chen, chief executive of Microsoft China.
Instead, Microsoft likes to cast gains against Linux as evidence
that China’s technology industry is maturing and moving toward the
proprietary-software approach championed by Microsoft.

“China is an important battleground in Microsoft’s competition
with Linux and open-source software because of the country’s size,
its influence on the tech industry and growing pool of software

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The Seattle Times: Lee: Microsoft Bungled China

“Former Microsoft executive Kai-Fu Lee testified yesterday the
company bungled much of its operations in China in recent years,
making missteps that included threatening and insulting the Chinese

“Microsoft had become a joke to the Chinese government, he said,
and morale at its China operation was low while employee turnover
was high. ‘Microsoft just wasn’t getting it,’ he said…”

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