Saving time & effort with m23 Linux deployment tool

[ Thanks to Mark Rais for this link.

“In today’s business environment it is also essential that m23
can manage both virtual and physical clients via network and the
interface offers a number of options for doing so.

“Although reasonably equipped to integrate with Virtual
environments, you still need to perform a few manual tweaks post
installation to ensure it works with your specific VM context. When
in need of graphical mode on virtual clients, m23 uses a modified
VNC server integrated specifically to support the need for
graphical output.

“Is it extensible? We wondered whether the m23 was extensible.
The MDK (m23 Development Kit) is a powerful environment to adjust
m23 to your needs, but it requires some substantive admin/dev
skills. Not really intended for beginning admins, but then again we
don’t expect new Linux administrators to fiddle with core features
out of the gate.

“However, for those well versed administrators, it is relatively
straightforward adding to m23’s functionality through the use of
scripts. If in need, admins can even use m23 to build their own
local package repositories to speed up client installation. RAID,
SSL, LDAP and NFS are fully supported.”