Saving Yourself with Data Replication

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“Data can be the currency, Intellectual Property, and
life blood of many a company. One technique to make sure that your
data is readily available is data replication. Not quite the same
as data backup but can be equally important.

“Data is the Foundation

“Recently there has been a transition from physical products
being the most critical aspect of many company’s businesses to data
being the key driver. This transformation started some time ago and
has steadily progressed over time. While one can argue over the
subtleties of whether a company actually makes a physical product
or not, it is fairly clear that to almost all companies data has
become if not the key to their success, then very close to it.

“An even more subtle — but perhaps more important result
of this transformation — is the impact that these original
“non-physical-product” companies have had on other companies. For
example, the creation of spreadsheet applications has allowed
companies to better manage themselves even if they make a physical