SCO to Launch Anti-Groklaw Site

InfoWorld: SCO Plans Alternative to Groklaw Web Site

“After a year and a half of being flamed, dissected and
dismissed on the Groklaw.net Web site, The SCO Group(SCO) has
decided to set up a Web site of its own to cover the latest
happenings in its many legal disputes.

“‘We will be launching a Web site in a few weeks to tell our
side of the story,’ said Darl McBride, SCO’s president and chief
executive officer (CEO), speaking at the Etre conference in Cannes


Groklaw: “SCO Is Chafing Badly Under the Propaganda War It Is
Losing to Groklaw”–To Set Up Rival Website

“They think we have beaten them at their best game, I gather. So
far, so good.

“Actually, they view it as a war, whereas I view it as a quest
for truth. SCO says that they are being attacked by ‘Hurricane
Linux.’ But I believe Dr. Freud would label that as projection. Who
started attacking whom? Be fair, SCO. Ha Ha.

“They plan to set up a website to tell their side of the story,
beginning November 1, and provide legal documents so you won’t have
to come to Groklaw any more. They say they had requests to do