Server Configuration Tuning in PostgreSQL

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“General logging setup is important but it is somewhat outside
the scope of this article. You may need to set parameters such as
log_destination, log_directory, and log_filename to save your log
files in a way compatible with the system administrations
requirements of your environment. These will all be set to
reasonable defaults to get started with on most systems.

“On UNIX-like systems, it’s common for some of the database
logging to be set in the script that starts and stops the server,
rather than directly in the postgresql.conf file. If you instead
use the pg_ctl command to manually start the server, you may
discover that logging ends up on your screen instead. You’ll need
to look at the script that starts the server normally (commonly
/etc/init.d/postgresql) to determine what it does, if you want to
duplicate that behavior. In most cases, you just need to add
–l logfilename to the pg_ctl command line to redirect its
output to the standard location. log_line_prefix

“The default log_line_prefix is empty, which is not what you
want. A good starting value here is the following:”

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