ServerWatch: Enterprise Unix Roundup: Larry Wants Some Linux

“We were still pondering the impact of Red Hat’s pending
acquisition of JBoss and mulling over its possible ramifications
for Novell, when the latest rumor in Linuxland surfaced: Oracle
will buy Novell.

“And if not Novell, some other Linux vendor will soon find its
headquarters shifted to Redwood Shores, Calif. Later, it emerged
that if Oracle didn’t buy a distro it would build its own, a move
that has many in the community crying foul.

“We were, as usual, skeptical. Often the loudest rumors yield
the least truth. Acquisition announcements on that scale (read: Red
Hat/JBoss) generally appear at first blush out of left field.
Later, when the analysts and pundits have weighed in, they seem
synergistically obvious…”