ServerWatch: Hardware Today: IBM Server Snapshot

“IBM would seem to have it made. The server vendor is No. 1
worldwide in revenue according to IDC, with six distinct product
lines and a steady stream of new releases. According to the
research firm, IBM is tops in Unix server revenue (a 31 percent
share) and blade servers (a 40.9 percent share), and No. 2 in Linux
servers (a 20.3 percent share). Factor in its near monopoly in
mainframes and consistent sales in Intel-based servers, and it’s
difficult to see any vendor posing a threat to IBM any time

“‘IBM maintains the No. 1 spot in the worldwide server systems
market with 31.9 percent market share in factory revenue, growing
its revenue by 4.1 percent when compared to the second quarter of
2004,’ says IDC’s Jean Bozman…”