ShowMeLinux.com: What if Time Warner buys out Corel?

“With the latest mergers and takeovers the computer world has
only begun to feel the rumbles. Linux is slowly eating away, day by
day, at other Operating Systems clients. This month we look at what
might happen if a major company like Time Warner took over the now
dwindling Corel Corporation.”

“In the last few months Corel stocks have dropped lower and
lower. Not to mention the recent loss of their CEO. To compensate
for this Corel has laid off a lot of it’s employees in an effort to
reduce costs. With the Tech Market the way that it is, “The rich
get richer…” and we all get to suffer. Or is that the case?”

“As most people know Time Warner is a large company that owns a
lot of major companies. They own America On-Line (AOL) and
Netscape. If Corel was to be bought by Time Warner, they would
be part of the conglomeration of business that make up the ever
expanding Time Warner. This acquisition would change computing as
we know it.