SlashTCO: Are IBM backing the “winning horse” in the OS race?

[ Thanks to Russ
for this link. ]

“How would you describe IBM? As a monolithic, slow moving,
extremely stable company? Or as innovative leaders? Perhaps the
first description is slightly unfair, but, on the other hand, the
latter description isn’t often used to describe them. Does the
fact that IBM are putting so much support and development behind
Linux indicate that they have studied the form and backed a winning
horse in the shape of the Linux OS? Maybe they know something that
others don’t?”

“…it seems that, after testing the Linux water, IBM are
convinced of the potential that the Linux OS has and are willing to
wade a bit deeper into the Linux ocean. And who will question their
judgement? There’s an old saying in the computer industry: “Nobody
ever got fired for buying IBM kit”. With that in mind, IBM could
become the trusted source that can convert the sceptical IT
management brigade into deploying the stable, budget-friendly Linux