SRO: Linux Puts On A Business Tie

“At LinuxWorld, Linux showed that it isn’t just for techies
anymore, it’s ready for the enterprise.”

“Linux isn’t just for enthusiasts anymore. At least, that’s the
message from this week’s LinuxWorld show in San Jose, Calif. If
Linux someday manages to topple the Windows empire, software
historians will likely point to this show as the turning point in
operating system history.”

“Consider, major OEMs such as Compaq Computer, Dell Computer,
Hewlett-Packard and IBM are currently shipping, or are about to
ship serious server hardware, with Linux pre-installed. They, along
with the Linux developers Caldera Systems Inc. and Red Hat Software
Inc. are quickly moving to offering 24 x 7 technical support. Other
firms, like Linuxcare already offer 24×7 Linux support for OEMs,
resellers and users. Translation: Support is no longer a question
mark for corporate buyers, who weren’t willing to bet their support
needs on electronic word of mouth over the Internet.”