SUSE: Global Linux jobs on the rise

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for this link. ]

“As the person primarily responsible for hiring engineers for
SUSE, Flaxa has a unique position on the outlook for Linux careers,
especially in the European market. While Flaxa certainly recognizes
the importance of the Linux Foundation’s recent infographic for the
U.S., ‘my point of view looks a bit different.’

“Indeed he should. Currently, SUSE is hiring quite a
bit–anywhere from 10-20 positions are being opened every week, as
Flaxa works to fill SUSE’s ranks with programmers, integrators, and
automation specialists in a global market.

“Primarily, Flaxa is hiring for SUSE’s Nürnberg and Prague
engineering offices, which makes sense, since SUSE is based in
Nürnberg, and much of its SUSE Studio and appliance work are
co-located in these offices. But, Flaxa added, he is also looking
to fill positions in SUSE’s Beijing, Taiwan, and India

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