Technetra: Why Not Go for 100% OSS Adoption?

[ Thanks to Robert Adkins, Technetra
for this link. ]

“By mandating a procurement preference for Open Source Software
(OSS), the Malaysian Government IT and Internet Committee (GITIC)
is clearly at the forefront in the world’s growing official support
for the Penguin and its allies. Significantly, GITIC’s bold
procurement policy has teeth. Near-term targets for government
purchases call for 60% of new servers, 30% of office infrastructure
and 20% of school labs to make the switch by next year!

“Doubtlessly, the farsighted leaders of GITIC have perfectly
practical reasons for permitting less than total and immediate
adoption of Linux and OSS. But without intending any disrespect for
GITIC, we must ask the question, ‘why compromise on OSS at all?’
Here’s a fearless and unrepentant promotion for 100% OSS

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