The answer to the BYOD question is Virtualization.

[ Thanks to Ken Hess
for this link. ]

“I bash VDI a lot but it has its place. And, its place is the
new data center-centric computing environment. For better security,
businesses will seek to remove the operating system and its data
from the end user’s control. That’s a good move. Lost or stolen
devices are but one argument on the for side of the VDI question.
If you lose your laptop, the entire contents of your hard disk are
only two screws away from compromise. A thief doesn’t have to know
your login name or password. He can remove the disk and attach it
to another computer for instant access to everything on the disk:
data, documents, email and your password file that you have on your
desktop because you can’t remember all those annoying passwords
that keep changing.

“Once you think about that, all those anti-Cloud rants seem
silly, don’t they. If your operating system resides in a data
center and your data in the Cloud, what’s on your stolen laptop? It
could be a minimal Linux system that connects you to your workspace
via a VPN. No data. No documents. No password file.”

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