The Register: WinME beta testers urged to fix ZD poll

[ Thanks to John Sowa
for this link. ]

“An email apparently from one Elie Pieprz of microsoft.com was
allegedly sent out to WinME beta testers, encouraging them to ‘vote
early and vote often’ in poor old Jesse Berst’s Anchordesk WinME

“The email, passed on to The Register by a beta tester, says:
‘Hey folks, cast your vote for ‘Right Away’ now and let Jesse Burst
[sic] know what you think of Windows Me. Vote early and vote
often.’ Ramming home the meaning of that last point, Pieprz adds
‘the site isn’t sophisticated enough [a ZD site? Shurely shome
mishtake – Ed] to know that you have already voted, so you can
repeat as long as your boss will let you.'”

“A representative of Microsoft attempting to pervert the
democratic process and encouraging the employees of its corporate
customers to goof-off during office hours? Surely not – but we’d be
pleased to hear from any other testers who may have received the
mail, or who could let us have some more info on the good Master
Pieprz. The Anchordesk poll, incidentally, is tucked at the end of
a Berst column whose message seems to be that people shouldn’t
bother upgrading to WinME, and asks readers to say when they’ll
upgrade: Right now; in a few months; when I buy a new computer;
when hell freezes over.”