Thoughts on Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit

Linux.com: Commentary: The Linux Foundation and the Future of

“I came away from the second annual Linux Foundation
Collaboration Summit with mixed feelings. I mean, it’s hard not to
support the group that pays Linus Torvalds to spend his time
continuing to lead the poster-boy project for free and open source
software. But at the same time, those golden chains are my biggest
concern about the Linux Foundation.

“IBM sponsored the event, and they are the biggest supporter of
Linux in the corporate world. The foundation membership is made up
of almost all the large and and many of wanna-be-large IT firms
around the globe–including Adobe, which is one of the foundation’s
newest members. You can find a complete list of members on the
foundation website…”


Blog of Helios: Return From The Mountain

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“I honestly thought that if I waited a few days before reporting
to you, my thoughts might be clearer and my positions on some
things a bit more solid.

“They are not.

“However, time doesn’t pay attention to ambivalent feelings or
conflicted emotions so I’m going to forge ahead with my report to
you on the Second Annual Linux Foundation Summit Conference held
here in Austin Texas. It was indeed one of the highest points of
the year for me and I’ve had a few…”