TLS: Why I am boycotting COMDEX and the Linux Business Expo

[ Thanks to Jeff
for this link. ]

“The reason is because I am not really happy with the folks at
Ziff Davis and their treatment of the Linux Community. Yes I know
that Ziff Davis is separate from ZD Net and separate from ZD Events
and so on and so on….”

“However, it is my opinion, and I stress this again, my opinion;
that ZD as an organic entity has not dealt with the Linux
Community in a straight forward manner. I have seen many editorials
and research involving Linux that has been disingenuous (at
In particular was the futile exercise where they did
the web server hack test, but left out the previous 21 patches to
Linux prior to the test. I could go on for days writing about
issues like this.”

“I do not know about you, but stuff that is done in a shoddy and
questionable matter really bugs me. It makes me question the
motives of the organization. In my opinion, when you say you are
doing science, it had better be science and not a pile of hype to
sell banner ads. Think about it. Everytime one of these
controversies pop up, a couple million angry linux users go to one
of the ZD sites to read the article. Many of these Linux advocates
post responses on the ZD talk back entity. All in all it creates a
lot of face exposures.”