TMCnet: RadiSys, LynuxWorks Develop Open Architecture High Avail. Linux System For Telecom Apps

“RadiSys Corp., a designer and manufacturer of building blocks
enabling next-generation Internet and communications systems, and
LynuxWorks announced plans to develop an “Open Architecture
High-Availability Linux system targeted for telecom and embedded
system applications which require “five-nines” or better
availability. “Five-nines” availability refers to system
availability greater than 99.999% of the time, implying five
minutes or less down time per year.”

Implemented as an enhancement to LynuxWorks’ BlueCat Linux
and the Linux-compatible LynxOS real-time operating system (OS),
the new OS extensions will provide full support for CompactPCI hot
swap operations allowing on-line repair of standard peripheral
controllers as well as completely dynamic system
The OS will also support failover between
redundant system host processors in a CompactPCI system and
advanced platform management through the Intelligent Platform
Management Interface (IPMI).”

“In contrast to other high-availability operating systems
tailored to use platform-specific capabilities of a particular
manufacturer’s systems, RadiSys and LynuxWorks will produce
software which functions completely through open, standard
interfaces. The key specification that makes this possible is IPMI,
which has been adopted as the standard platform management
interface for CompactPCI systems. By using IPMI for all platform
management functions, the High-Availability BlueCat Linux system
can operate on any manufacturer’s platform that conforms to this