Ubuntu 9.10 vs Windows 7: No Ordinary October Showdown

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“Seven Steps to Success
Sure, Ubuntu will need to compete against Windows 7 on some fronts.
But Canonical needs to carefully broaden the story —
strengthening existing relationships and promoting new ones. A few

“1. Desktops: During July 2009, Dell quietly stopped selling Ubuntu
desktop PCs in the U.S. But Dell itself says it will soon ship a
new Ubuntu desktop. And niche suppliers like ZaReason and System76
continue to serve the Ubuntu 9.04 faithful well. Canonical should
return the favor: Solidify the Dell relationship while rewarding
ZaReason and System76 with some publicity during the Ubuntu 9.10

“2. Mobile (Notebooks, Netbooks, MIDs and SmartBooks): Here again,
Dell, System76 and ZaReason all remain loyal partners.
Hewlett-Packard also has an Ubuntu-driven netbook. And Canonical is
working to adjust the Ubuntu Netbook Remix Edition’s user

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