Ubuntu Man Says Microsoft’s About to ‘Swallow a Hand-Grenade’

“Well, here I am just a few miles from Yahoo!’ headquarters and
Microsoft’s Silicon Valley residence. It’s Sunday, and I’ve yet to
hear screams from either camp. So, it seems that Microsoft’s call
to action deadline around the Yahoo! buy is passing with a lack of
fanfare. Yahoo! may surprise us yet by leaking something to the New
York Times or perhaps Steve Baller will call up his buds at the
Wall Street Journal, but in lieu of such actual movements, I’m left

“During a recent interview in London, Shuttleworth had plenty to
say about Microhoo.

“‘The Microsoft and Yahoo thing is fascinating,’ he told me. ‘I
think the ad game is lost. So, Microsoft buying Yahoo! now on
search? Come on. Two failing operators will just continue to
decline together. On search, I think it’s totally a waste of

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