Update: Mandriva Will Say No to Microsoft, It Just Needs Some Time to Do So

[ Thanks to Jan Stedehouder for this
link. ]

“This is the basic statement. It’s being cleaned up (language
wise) for official publication.

“‘As far as patent protection is concerned, we are not great
fans of software patents which we consider as counter productive.
We also believe what we see, and until we see hard evidence from,
say, SCO or Microsoft, that there are pieces of codes in our
software that infringe existing patents, we will assume that any
other announcement is just FUD. So we don’t believe it is necessary
for us to get protection from Microsoft to do our job…'”


Mandriva: We Will Not Go to Canossa

[ Thanks to Adam
for this link. ]

“Novell, Xandros and Linspire have signed well publicized
agreements with Microsoft.

“Rumors on the Web have hinted that we might be next on the
list. So we would like to clarify our position…”

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Editor’s Note: According to Adam Williamson, “the title is a
reference to the town where Henry IV of Germany stood in the snow
for three days as penance to reverse his excommunication by Pope
Gregory VII.”

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