Update: Novell Layoffs Rumored to be in the Works

“Word on the street is that Novell will be laying off 50-60% of
its Workgroup division this month, likely toward the middle. This
is not surprising given that division’s lackluster results, but the
rumor mill suggests that Workgroup isn’t the only business unit
that will be affected.

“I’m no fan of Novell, but I hate layoffs. I’m sincerely sorry
to see this happening. The good news, however, is that there are
much better companies to work for out there. Like all of


HotLinuxJobs: Novell Layoffs

“Matt Asay mentions in his blog The Open Road about Novell
layoffs rumored to be in the works. Not only are they rumored, but
they are taking place as I write this…”