Using OpenLDAP for Remote Authentication

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“OpenLDAP is designed to work with data that does not change
frequently. Its default database back end, Berkeley DB, is
optimized for searches and reads, and utilizes caching. OpenLDAP
supports other database back ends, such as MySQL, but they cannot
compete in terms of performance with Berkeley DB.

“Before you work with OpenLDAP, you need a basic understanding
of its terminology. RFC 4519 describes LDAP’s object attributes in
detail, and this glossary is another good reference, but here are a
few concepts that will help you get started.

“In the root of LDAP’s directory is the DSA-Specific Entry
(DSE), a.k.a. RootDSE. This is the top-level entry, which holds the
base information about the server, such as its domain and

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