VARBusiness: ASP NaviSite To Host Linux E-Commerce Apps

“Open Source operating systems got a boost this week when
application services provider NaviSite Inc. announced it will offer
a Linux-based e-commerce application to its customers. However,
many other e-business providers said they are still approaching
such solutions cautiously.”

” ‘We are seeing more and more of a demand from our
customers for a Linux-based solution,’
said Sidney Kuo,
product line manager at NaviSite. ‘We think that the market has
gradually matured enough to support a structure for the software.
Over time we are going to see a tremendous growth in Linux; it is
going to be one of the accepted platforms.’ “

“Kuo said Linux offers two key advantages to NaviSite customers:
It is less expensive, and its open environment makes it more
flexible and easier to manipulate than competing operating

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