VARBusiness: Linux On Board

“While some board manufacturers are eager to tap the growing
popularity of the Linux open-source operating system and are
weighing Linux support in their products, other vendors remain

Pine Technology USA Inc., a computer component manufacturer in
Fremont, Calif., is one company looking to jump on the Linux

“Elitegroup Computer Systems Inc., Fremont, Calif., plans this
summer to unveil a low-cost Linux PC system featuring a motherboard
integrated with software and hardware specifically for use with

“Soyo Tek Inc. also is interested in offering more Linux
support, said Ed Oppenheimer, vice president of sales at the
Fremont-based vendor. ‘We see a bigger demand [for Linux],
particularly for higher-level boards,’ he said.

But Oppenheimer and other vendor executives said the open-source
nature of the operating system means a plethora of versions that
defy standards.

Some motherboard makers said that presents difficulties.”