WebTechniques: PostgreSQL: Taking E-Business Up a Notch

“…Each of the three leading open-source database
Programs-PostgreSQL, InterBase, and MySQL-has an established user
base and is well suited to specific business computing tasks. But
PostgreSQL is arguably the most advanced relational database of
the open-source options, and the best positioned to challenge the
supremacy of the commercial leaders.

“…As of its latest release, PostgreSQL is fully ANSI-SQL-92
entry level compliant, supporting most SQL constructs, including
transactions, sub-selects, and user-defined types and functions.
Standards compliance is critical for any open-source database’s
acceptance-and a way in which open-source technologies can further
differentiate themselves from their closed, proprietary
competitors. …”

“…The majority of open-source database users are Web and
software developers, small to mid-size e-businesses, systems
integrators, and value-added resellers (VARs). These businesses
integrate the databases with other open-source applications, yet
many open-source databases can also run on proprietary


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