Why Linux is a perfect fit for charities and non-profits

“Linux and charity go hand in hand. From cost savings to
reliable computing environments, Linux fundamentally belongs in
non-profits. Jack Wallen champions the cause of providing Linux
solutions to organizations in need.

“I have a friend who works for an art therapy institute that is
run by the city I live in. That foundation has taken donations for
quite some time, is (obviously) not for profit, and all of their
computers are Linux computers. Why? It doesn’t hurt that their sole
IT staff member is a big Linux fan (and understands how the FOSS
operating system can help the organization in more ways than just
budgetary). But after chatting with this friend for a while about
his job, I understand very clearly how Linux and open source can
really benefit charities and non-profit organizations.

“It all begins with cost. Okay, yes Microsoft will give their
operating system away once you’ve taken the time to prove you are
who you are and you meet the right status (according to their
guidelines). But once you get beyond the operating system, you then
have to consider all of the other applications that must be put in

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