ZDNet Education: Not Your Father’s Linux

“Considering that Marc Wagner’s recent article, Who is killing
desktop Linux? generated more talkbacks and controversy than any
other Ed Tech blog post before it, I figured that Linux was worth
revisiting. I’ve blogged about my own less than successful attempts
to roll out Linux here at my high school in an effort to save
money, avoid licensing hassles, and otherwise circumvent what
stinks about the bad boys of Redmond. I have also been the first to
admit that my own lack of expertise in various ‘nix distros was
certainly part of the problem. Yet since I consider myself an above
average user and a decent systems administrator, I concluded that
from a TCO, time=money, training, and stress perspective, Linux was
effectively dead in my kind of environment (at least on the
desktop, no matter how cool my Computer Club and I thought it


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