ZDNet launches resource for business users of Linux

New Web site features a weekly commentary column by Linux guru
Evan Leibovitch and Linux business forum.

The launch was apparently last week but we missed it in the
hubbub of LinuxWorld Expo.

Here’s a little from Evan’s current column,
Software Vendors Can’t Get Glib over Library Issues

“While it’s lost amid all the hoopla about the recent kernel
upgrade, the library transition is turning out to be painful for
both Linux packagers and end users alike.”

“With more than one version of libc circulating, users must make
sure that their software uses the same libc as their Linux version.
And software developers have to make sure their products can run
with the various libc versions.”

“… while most free software can be recompiled for your system,
commercial software and other programs that are supplied only in
binary form have a problem.”

Visit ZDNet’s
resource for business users of Linux