ZDNet: Microsoft sets Windows 2000 D-Day

“Microsoft Corp. will launch its long-awaited Windows 2000
product on Feb. 17, 2000
, officials told partners attending
Windows 2000 Marketing Day in Las Vegas this week. …in San
Francisco at IDG World Expo’s Windows 2000 Conference and Expo
trade show…”

“Between now and the launch, Microsoft is set to deliver its
third and final beta, Release Candidate 3, to a selected group of
testers. … Microsoft will use Fall Comdex to tout RC3 and drum up
‘excitement and enthusiasm’ for Windows 2000, officials told

“Microsoft will emphasize four key marketing messages at the
Windows 2000 launch, according to partner sources. These are the
ability of Windows 2000 to ‘Internet-enable’ businesses; its
reliability; its manageability; and its status as the ‘best
platform for new devices’ because of its Plug And Play and
streaming video support.”

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