ZDNet: MS exec: What Linux threat?

“In a far-reaching interview this week with PC Week Online,
Microsoft Corp. group product manager Ed Muth sounded off on the
open-source operating system, outlining what he considers are
fundamental flaws with the Linux business model and the OS

“Muth delineated two main technical reasons why he believes
Linux will not succeed with corporate customers.

First, a broad base of support for applications — especially
off-the-shelf, shrink-wrapped applications — is necessary for a
modern operating system, he said.”

“The second failing, Muth believes, is a low level of
integration between the OS and its applications.

It’s a point that touches on ground where holy wars are

Indeed, some Linux advocates say Linux’s small footprint,
efficient code and lack of integration with surrounding technology
is what makes it appealing. Muth disagrees.”

“‘We have very little concern we can’t compete with Linux on a
TCO [total cost of ownership] level,’ Muth said. ‘We think the
total cost of ownership of NT is lower than Linux, but it’s still
hard to do good TCO studies because at the moment they’re hard to
compare since Linux supports so few applications.'”