ZDNet: Will Sun Blow Up the Microsoft/Novell Deal to Red Hat’s Benefit?

“Microsoft’s deal with Novell sent a message to the industry
that Novell respects Microsoft’s intellectual property. So much so
that it’s willing to pay at least $40 million to ensure that
Microsoft doesn’t sue Suse customers for patent infringement and
potentially more depending on the sales of Novell’s products (aka:
royalties). So, even though Novell, in its deal FAQ, comes right
out and says it doesn’t believe its technology infringes on
Microsoft’s patents, not only is Novell respecting Microsoft’s IP,
it’s setting a baseline for what that respect is worth. It makes
the FAQ seem ridiculous.

“No doubt, the news shot through Red Hat’s legal and accounting
offices as it tried to size up the potential impact should
Microsoft’s general counsel Brad Smith show up at the Linux
distributor’s executive offices looking for hand-outs…”


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