2 cool reasons to use the K Desktop Environment

[ Thanks to finid
for this link. ]

“But where else can I look if not to KDE? LXDE and Xfce are
good, but they lack that modern, 21st Century desktop look that
appeals to me. To me, the difference between KDE 4 and LXDE and
Xfce is like that between a smart phone and a feature phone. But
looks aside, I want a desktop that does not get in my way, one that
makes it easy to get to stuff I need in a user-friendly manner. In
the Stackfolder and the Takeoff Launcher, I think I have found two
very cool reasons to embrace KDE 4. Takeoff Launcher is still
missing a few pieces, but for me, they are not show-stoppers. Let’s
see how these cool features look on a recently reviewed

“Let me start with the Stackfolder. It is a very simple widget
that you place on the panel. It makes it possible to access files
and folders in your home directory without launching Dolphin, the
file manager. This screenshot shows the home directory view. You
can drill down into a directory to access its files.”

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