2018 Reflecting on the successes of Linux

In 1993 when I began working on Linux projects, the goal of the OSS community was to help enable and encourgage Linux use. Over the past 25 years I have personally witnessed the massive growth of Linux world wide.

In articles such as Substantial Growth in New Zealand, I pointed out the dramatic adoption rate of Linux for the enterprise. Proving once and for all that Linux in Enterprise Is Already Prime Time.

During the past decade, working to help encourage the use of Linux with governments and education NGOs, I had the privilege of meeting incredibly talented people like CII-Shiksha leader Narinder Bhatia in India. There the honourable DR. A.P.J. ABDUL KALAM, former President of India, attended the Shiksha Awards Ceremony to launch one of Indias prime e-learning portals – driven on the power of Linux.

During those years, many of us in the community fought hard to help industry leaders and government CTOs see the validity of Linux use, trying to help them see they were Underestimating the Mission Critical Role of Linux.

Thankfully, today Linux is ubiquitous across industries, applied …

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