32 Bits Online: Test Drive: VMware for Linux

“Finding the bridge to close the gap between the worlds of
Microsoft Windows and Linux is not an easy task, but VMware seems
to be doing the trick.
In this article, we go through the key
features of the package and show why it may be of great value for
those who want to use Linux in their workplace, but also sometimes
need Microsoft Windows applications running.”

“VMware… is a fully configurable virtual machine within
another OS… available for Linux…”

“It gives the user the opportunity to run whichever version of
Windows he or she wants in a window, or another Linux / Unix
distribution if that is desired. With full network support. You can
connect to network printers, access shares, go on the Internet, or
even telnet from the VM into your Linux box, just as though the two
were separate machines. And for all intents and purposes they are,
they just reside in different windows. You can install whatever
application you want and run it as you would if the machine had
booted in that particular OS.”

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