4MLinux 17.0 OS Hits the Stable Channel, Brings Firefox 46.0 & Thunderbird 45.0

After being in development for the past few months, 4MLinux 17.0 hits the stable channel today, May 1, 2016, bringing lots of updates software packages, the latest GNU/Linux technologies, as well as various under-the-hood improvements and fixes to the most annoying issues reported by users. Users will also be able to setup a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MariaDB and PHP) server thanks to the pre-installed Apache 2.4.20 web server, MariaDB 10.1.13 database server, as well as the PHP 5.6.20, Perl 5.22.1, and Python 2.7.11 programming languages. 4MLinux 17.0 is currently based on the long-term supported Linux 4.4.1 kernel.