4MRescueKit 19.0 Enters Beta, Gets Antivirus Live CD 19.0-0.99.2 & 4MParted 19.0

4MRescueKit 19.0 is now in the works, based, of course, on the 4MLinux 19.0 operating system, which is also in Beta stages of development, and it includes all the updated and new versions of the Live CDs that are begin distributed as part of the 4MRescueKit project, including 4MParted 19.0, 4MRecover 19.0, BakAndImgCD 19.0, and Antivirus Live CD 19.0-0.99.2. We’ve talked here on Softpedia Linux about the 4MRescueKit Live CD releases mentioned above, so please feel free to click on each one if you’re curious to find out what’s new in these new milestones based on the forthcoming 4MLinux 19.0 GNU/Linux distribution, which should be out in about a week from the moment of writing this blog story.