5 Open-Source Blockchain Technologies That Linux Users Need to Know About

With hundreds of thousands of open-source projects underway, it’s easy to say that open source has become a standard in software development. And when talking about open source, the first development environment that comes to mind is, of course, Linux. Halfway through 2020, around 50% of software developers say they use the Linux operating system (OS) for their projects.

One of the factors contributing to Linux’s popularity is security, which is among the most attractive features of blockchain, a strategic technology trend we’ve seen in the past few years.

Because of the level of security that blockchain offers, as well as its decentralized nature, incorporating this technology into a wide range of industries holds significant promise.

As such, it only makes sense that developers explore blockchain use within the Linux environment. In this article, we delve into five open-source blockchain technologies for Linux. But first, let’s examine what blockchain is and how this technology works, and take a look at how the application of blockchain has evolved over the years.