6 Microblogging clients for Linux

[ Thanks to linuxaria for this link.

“Hotot: This is a Twitter and Identi.ca client, that is becoming
popular due to his nice graphic and possibility to add extensions
that do different things, among who the possibility to translate
any message in a predefined language, or a configurable url
shortener (at the moment you can choose among is.gd, TinyUrl,
bit.ly, karmacracy or a custom url)

“Depending on the size of your screen or how much do you extend
it, you’ll see 1,2 or more panels the first it’s the timeline with
all the messages of people that you follow and reply/direct
messages to you, the second contains the Mentions to your messages,
the third is an inbox/outbox for messages, forth is the Retweet and
retweeted panel and the last one it’s a search for people. Being
born for Twitter also in Identi.ca you’ll have the Twitter terms,
but this is not a big issue.”

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