6 of the Best Free Linux Web Caches

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“It is a demonstrable fact that the internet has changed
individuals’ expectations of the speed of content delivery. The
same individuals who used to be content to wait a couple of days
for a letter to be received now expect emails to be delivered
within a matter of seconds. The same applies to web browsing. A
slow-loading website is a recipe for online disaster even if the
site is informative, well structured and organised. When it comes
to interactive web usage, what really matters is median

“Web caches have become a vital mechanism for optimising the
amount of data that is delivered in a given period of time. Good
web caches also help to minimise latency, serving pages as quickly
as possible. This helps to prevent the end user from becoming
impatient having to wait for content to be delivered. Web caches
optimise the data flow between client and server. They also help to
converse bandwidth by caching frequently-delivered content. If you
need to reduce server load and improve delivery speed of your
content, it is definitely worth exploring the benefits offered by
web cache software.”

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