AboutLinux.com: Anatomy of a Microsoft Case Study: seeUthere

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for this link. ]

“Unfortunately Linux enthusiasts have garnered a (sometimes
deserved) reputation of mindless flaming of any article that puts
Linux in less then the best possible light; this article is an
attempt to find the source of the problem with their Linux
implementation effort without descending into a flame war or FUD

In order to get the real skinny, I decided to contact
seeUthere’s principals, and find out some more about their
implementation issues. Quotes can easily be taken out of context,
and I felt sure that there must have been some miscommunication
going on
– otherwise how could you explain what seemed to be
significant misunderstandings in the article? Heck, for all I know,
some of my notes from my conversation with them might contain

“I was delighted when Mr. Thackeray called back shortly before
5pm; I had a chance to get clarifications of some of the statements
in the Microsoft Case Study before publishing my analysis!”

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