Advertising Desktop Linux

While throngs of tech writers and pundits foretold the gruesome death of the Chromebook, it slowly took root in the classrooms across America. I can’t speak to the rest of the world, but in US classrooms it began doing some pretty amazing stuff. Like here in my little town that can’t get the electricity back on for three days after a storm. The Taylor Independent School District decided they were done with Mac products, and ordered one-for-one exchanges for Chromebooks. Why?

Because they are cheap and Google offers some pretty generous discounts for educational institutions. Low maintenance, little to no virus hassles and support from just about anyone whose ever turned on a computer. One of our directors is on staff with the Taylor Independent School District. He told me pretty much the same thing I’ve heard from a lot of people: “You have to be a slobbering idiot not to figure it out in an hour or so.”