Alpha version 1 — Java I have cSpring Boot, Spring Cloud, and Spark Development Portal

I am releasing my Developer Power Portal, version 0.1 for the first 100 users that sign up.
It is recommended that you use a 64 bit operating system using using the Firefox or Google Chrome Browser.

This portal contains wizards sufficient to create and build the following types of Java applications.

1. Basic Spring Boot applications (using the following technologies)

A. Standard Spring Boot REST client and server
B. Spring Boot REST MQTT based server
C. Spring Boot REST JMS based server
D. Spring Boot REST Kafka Server
E. Spring Boot MQTT Client
F. Spring Boot Kafka Client
G. Spring Boot JMS Client
H. Spring Boot Web JSP based application
I. Spring Boot Web Thymeleaf based application

2. Basic Spring Cloud Eureka Services

A. Spring Cloud Eureka Server Registration Service
B. Spring Cloud Eureka Server that registers with Registration server above
C. Spring Cloud Eureka Client Services that calls registered Server above.

3 Basic Apache Spark applications

A, Apache Spark Application that loads and allows queries against a CSV US Zip Code
File (csv file is included)
B. Apache Spark CSV to Cassandra Database application.

The Developer Portal will build these basic applications using maven file structures.The wizard will create all of the underlying Java code sufficient to use and extend using your favorite Java IDE. Most will run “as is” using a maven install as well.

Once you select the type of application you wish to build, the Wizard will walk you through the process. The basic information you need to supply is as follows:

1. The Name of your Application (must follow standard Java Application naming
2. The default package name for the application or service (must follow standard
Java package naming conventions)
3. A Description for your application or service.
4. The Java version you want to use (supported are 1.8 and 1.11)

Once you answer these questions click the Create Service button and your application will be build and you can download the zip file containing the application or service.

Documentation is available for each types of services via on-line PDF files,