Alpine Linux 3.4.6 Updates PHP, BusyBox, and cURL, Uses Linux Kernel 4.4.30 LTS

Alpine Linux 3.4.6 is the sixth maintenance update in the stable 3.4 series of the GNU/Linux distribution used in numerous smaller or big server environments worldwide, and it comes only two weeks after the 3.4.5 release to bump the kernel version to the latest upstream release, namely Linux kernel 4.4.30 LTS, which was a minor update patching a bug in Linux kernel 4.4.29 LTS and older builds. Besides getting a new Linux kernel version, the Alpine Linux 3.4.6 maintenance update also lands a bunch of up-to-date server-oriented components, among which we can mention PHP 5.6.27 general-purpose scripting language, cURL 7.51.0 tool for client-side URL transfers, BIND 9.10.4-P4 DNS server, Node.js 6.7.0 server-side JavaScript environment, and Wipe 2.3.1 file and block device wiping utility.