Alpine Linux 3.9 Released with ARMv7 Support, Switches from LibreSSL to OpenSSL

Alpine Linux 3.9 comes six months after the 3.8 series to add new features and more enhancements to the musl/BusyBox-based security-oriented GNU/Linux distribution. Highlights of this release include support for ARMv7 architectures, the replace of LibreSSL with OpenSSL, and better support for the GRUB bootloader. Under the hood, Alpine Linux 3.9 is powered by the latest long-term supported kernel series, Linux 4.19, and includes up-to-date core components like GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) 8.2.0, BusyBox 1.29, musl libc 1.1.20, Go 1.11.5, LXC 3.1, PostgreSQL 11.1, Node.js 10.14.2, Zabbix 4.0.3, Crystal 0.27, and Nextcloud 15.0.2.