BusyBox 1.26.1 Stable Release Hits the Streets for GNU/Linux Distributions

And it happened! BusyBox 1.26.1 was unveiled on January 2, 2017, and it’s now the newest stable series of the Swiss army knife for embedded systems and GNU/Linux distributions. But don’t get too excited because this release is just a formality to inform OS vendors that they can finally update the BusyBox packages, and it looks like it only adds various tweaks to defconfig and addresses issues with single-applet builds. On this occasion, we’d like to remind you that the BusyBox 1.26.x series includes numerous improvements for many of the bundled utilities. Among these, we can mention lineedit, ping, sh, wget, whois, vi, cpio, setfiles, ntpd, hush, udhcpc, ash, telnetd, unshare, fdisk, traceroute, top, hexdump, tcpsvd, tar, tc, man, less, sendmail, sed, mount, mdev, ipneigh, sha3sum, su, svc, ifplugd, dhcp, cp, df, find, awk, and patch.