BW: Connectix Announces Virtual PC with Windows 2000 and Virtual PC with Linux

“Connectix(R) Corporation today announced its expansion of the
award-winning Virtual PC(TM) product line at the MacWorld Expo in
San Francisco, with two new versions: Virtual PC with Windows(R)
2000 and Virtual PC with Linux(R). Recognized by Macworld, MacHome,
MacAddict and The Houston Chronicle as the best in its class,
Connectix’s latest release, Virtual PC 3.0, gives extensive USB
support, faster network access, shared Internet connection between
Mac and PC, AppleScript support and seamless PC compatibility. With
the two new products, which are targeted to ship at the end of Q1,
Virtual PC will be available in five different versions: Linux(R),
Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 2000, 98, 95 and PC-DOS. To make things
truly easy and convenient for the Mac user, all five versions
include a pre-installed and pre-configured PC operating

“We are excited about broadening our cross-platform solutions
with these two new offerings. With Windows 2000, Connectix extends
the Mac-to-PC compatibility line to include the state-of-the-art
Microsoft OS technology. The Linux solution initiates our
extensive plans for the inter-networked computing environment,”
said Roy McDonald, CEO and president of Connectix

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