BW: US and Australian Training Facilities Race to Offer Sair Linux and GNU Certification

“To meet the growing industry demand for Linux certified
trainers, Sair, Inc. recently hosted a week-long
‘train-the-trainer’ session to assist in the international launch
of its Sair Linux and GNU Certification program. The Sair Linux and
GNU Certification tests have been available through Sylvan
Prometric testing facilities since June. Sair Linux and GNU
Certification is the first comprehensive, in-depth, and objective
certification program to be available world-wide.”

“Trainers representing corporate and independent training
facilities from around the country attended the session held on the
University of Mississippi campus in Oxford, Mississippi. Sair
hosted a similar session in May for training facilities from

“‘I was impressed by the thoroughness of Sair’s materials and
the scope of its program,’ said Evan Bloomquist, training director
at Viking Systems of Phoenix, Arizona. ‘Sair’s program is vendor
neutral, and I was pleased to see how they addressed the various
intricacies of each distribution. Overall, I think this
certification program will be very useful for any level IT. It can
provide beginners with a strong foundation in Linux and GNU or
challenge even the most experienced IT pros.'”