C/C++ Programmable RTU Controller with SDK Makes I/O Access and Control Easier

Taipei, Taiwan, February 17, 2012-Moxa is pleased to announce the release of the ioPAC 8020-C, a C/C++ programmable RTU controller featuring a Linux/GNU platform adapted to data acquisition and condition monitoring. The main advantage of this open C platform is its user-friendly SDK, to help you economize installation and configuration time by reducing your programming overhead for key areas like I/O control and condition monitoring, interoperability with your SCADA/DB, and improving smart communication controls. It is compliant with EN 50121-3-2, EN 50121-4 and essential sections of EN 50155 railway standard and tolerates wide operating temperatures (-40 to 75??C) to create an ideal solution for railway applications.

For remotely operated applications, engineers are always asking for a product that is more easily integrated into existing systems, and which will better execute front-end data processing, conversion, data acquisition and alarm applications. Now with this rugged Linux-based C programming platform, Moxa delivers maximum coding flexibility in ready-to-use SDKs, making I/O access and control easier than ever. Engineers now can create imaginative, user-defined programs that integrate with localized domains, giving end-users considerable additional value.

The ioPAC 8020-C has two Ethernet switch ports that allow system integrators to easily build control networks with open Ethernet standards and daisy-chain connectivity. For train-related applications, durable M12 Ethernet connectors and spring-type terminal blocks deliver reliable operations in high vibration environments.

This rugged RTU delivers high system reliability and stability in harsh environments while providing versatile module connectivity to satisfy your any need.

Product Features:
– Supports C/C++ programming languages
– Compliant with EN 50121-3-2, EN 50121-4 and relevant sections of EN 50155
– 2-port Ethernet switch for daisy-chain topologies with by-pass function
– Modular I/O for Versatility, Flexibility and Scalability
– Rugged and compact design for harsh environments
– Wide operating temperature: -40 to 75??C (-40 to 167??F)

About MOXA
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