Calamares 3.1 Distribution-Independent Linux Installer Officially Released

Calamares is a well-known distribution-independent system installer, a graphical installer for that matter, which OS vendors can easily implement on the live or installable ISO images of their GNU/Linux distros. The latest release, Calamares 3.1, is a major one implementing various improvements and new features, but also numerous bug fixes from the previous 3.0 stable series. The biggest change in Calamares 3.1 appears to be the implementation of a brand-new PythonQt-based module interface, which allows those who want to create view modules for Calamares to build them in Python using Qt. As such, a new dependency for Calamares has been added, namely PythonQt, version 3.1 or higher, but built against Python 3 and Qt 5.