Canonical Outs Snapcraft 2.33 Snap Tool for Ubuntu with Bash Completion Support

Coming one and a half months after the release of Snapcraft 2.32, version 2.33 is here to make the experience of using persistent build containers more pleasant as Snapcraft is now capable of handling more corner case scenarios using the “clean” command, correctly set id mappings for the namespace depending on the user uid, as well as to no longer leak container specific assets onto the host. Furthermore, Snapcraft can now take care of containers that haven’t been used anymore, such as those that have been cleaned, and it makes sure the “–debug” option and “cleanbuild” command can properly enter into a shell for inspection, inside a container. Snapcraft 2.33 also adds support for Yaml merge tags in snapcraft.yaml, enabling advanced use of Yaml inside snapcraft.yaml.